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When it comes to quality and value, Selsport are World Leaders in producing some of the finest, most imitated gloves ever produced.

The iconic Wrappa ranged has been copied by more brands that we care to mention. When you innovate you get copied. We’re flattered.

Our brand

Established in England in 1998, Selsport is the longest established independent manufacturer of Goalkeeper Gloves in the UK.

We only sell goalkeeper products, pure and simple. Our vision was to create a product that is functional, comfortable and great value for money.

Our endorsees

Over the years some of the best goalkeepers in the World have worn Selsport. An amazing fact when you consider we do not pay endorsees – quite unusual in the sportng world.

Many keepers are paid a lot of money not to wear our gloves. A fact we find quite amusing.

We want everyone to find out
how awesome our gloves are!

We only sell goalkeeper products, pure and simple.

If you are a specialist goalkeeper brand reseller or distribute sports goods, we’d like to hear from you. Selsport are actively seeking partners in other countries who wish to share in our long term success.

Wrappa Classic




When your reputation is at stake
Selsport use only the best latex.

Selsport in retail

If you’re looking to invest in the comfort, quality and design of a Selsport glove you will be able to find them in all good sports retailers.

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A career in Selsport.
Heritage, Quality, Function.