Retailer Support

Selsport is well known for the comfort, grip and innovation of our gloves within the goalkeeper community, our company ethos has always been to provide a solution to what professional goalkeepers need to allow them to maximise their performance when taking to the field. It is important for us as a brand to consistently reinforce our key qualities at all times. We do this through a variety of marketing channels which we feel is most suitable to how our target market engage with us.

Selsport have each year set the bar when it comes to innovative marketing, our unique looking style is instantly recognisable and this helps maintain confidence when goalkeepers are met with a purchasing choice. Our marketing comes in many forms including traditional catalogues showcasing products as well as press, industry magazine and exhibition stands. We also have built a large following on our facebook and twitter pages with the focus on delivering new product news, valuable insight and regular competitions.

We also like to give as much support to our key retailers as possible, we are able to build campaigns based around your buy which means that exposure can be specific and direct.

Please get in touch and see what we can do for you and your business.