Steve Phillips: Crewe


Selsport: How does it feel to be back in a Final of a competition at Wembley again?
Steve Phillips: It’s feels great the build-up is one of the best weeks of my sporting career this will be my 7th major final I have been very lucky!

Selsport: What bit are you most looking forward too?
Steve Phillips: I look forward to the build-up looking around the stadium, training at a premier league clubs training ground two nights, in hotel with the team, the real buzz is on the way to the stadium, seeing all the fans and then if course walking into the pitch.

Selsport: Wembley can hold up to 90,000 supporters; describe the feeling of walking onto the pitch just before kick off with all those supporters?
Steve Phillips: I have had the pleasure of playing in front of 90,000 a couple of time there won’t be that many Sunday but it’s still a huge buzz and a very proud moment

Selsport: How do you prepare for a game like this?
Steve Phillips: I will try and keep my routine the same there will obviously be more press interviews.

Selsport: What will your week consist off?
Steve Phillips: Training as usual up to Friday, travel down to Wembley to have a look around the stadium, then training 2-4pm and back to hotel. We will then train 1.30-3pm Saturday and then back to hotel rest up for the game Sunday.

Selsport: Do you have any rituals you do before game?
Steve Phillips: No rituals too old for them.

Selsport: Do you feel that you (Crewe) are the favourites as you play in the league above Southend United?
Steve Phillips: We probably be favourites but that has no influence on us, Southend will be very capable and with a new manager will have that added spring in there step. Also with us beating them in last year’s playoff semi-final there be that extra edge to the game.

Selsport: Who will be coming to watch you?
Steve Phillips: Wife and kids mum and dad and loads of my mates

Selsport: What will be your pre-match meal?
Steve Phillips: Chicken and pasta, only a small portion though.

Selsport: Why did you choose the gloves you did for the final?
Steve Phillips: The Selsport Euro Wrap gloves feels dry comfortable combined with excellent grip in all conditions there the best glove I have worn

Selsport: And finally will your team be releasing a song if you win?
Steve Phillips: Hahaha doubt it although I could sing I got a brand new combine harvester better than anyone.

Selsport: So if you win on Sunday, will you record a version of you singing I’ve got a brand new combine harvester for us?
Steve Phillips: If someone put £1000 towards my charity yes!!

Well we would all want to see a video of this so Selsport fans get donating please. Steve’s charities are
1. Leukaemia Lymphoma Research
2. Caudwell Children’s Trust