Robbie Thomson: Celtic

Who has been the greatest influence on your career?
My dad, Scott Thomson, he was a professional keeper in Scotland and England, and is now a coach with Hibernian, he has helped me alot through the years and still does.

Who do you rate as the top 3 goalkeepers in your football lifetime and what qualities did you most admire about these keepers?

1. For me is Shay Given, he has the same physical attributes as me, so its someone i can relate to with my game, i’ve always looked up to him.
2. Edwin Van Der Sar, he was one of the 1st keepers who made you realize how important it was to be good with the ball at your feet, also and all round quality keeper, i have his shirt on my wall!
3. Artur Bourc, when i was in my 1st year full time, he was the 1st team keeper at Celtic, he had a different style of goalkeeping and some of the saves he made were crazy! I was lucky enough to train with him and I learned so much.

Do you feel that the current coaching for goalkeepers in the UK is relevant to the modern game?
I think younger keepers have to be exposed to more hours of training with highly qualified coaches to develop more.

If you were to play in another country which country would you choose and why?
Probably Germany, i enjoy that style of football/goalkeeping and the stadiums and fans create an amazing atmosphere.

Which types of training sessions do you prefer to take part in?
High tempo or more technical sessions – i enjoy it all! the ones where the hurdles and the weight vests are out are very hard but its got to be done!

What has surprised you most about being a professional goalkeeper?
With my dad being involved with football, I kind of knew what I was getting into, but for any younger keeper just going full time it would be realizing how hard you need to work to progress, and you need to realize quickly.

What are your thoughts on English goalkeepers in recent years?

I think overall they have done a good job, but i think Joe Hart stepping up will be good for the game as he is wold class keeper

If you could choose one piece of advice that you have been given to pass on to another goalkeeper… What would that be?
Always keep working on your weaknesses, train as hard as you possibly can, have the right attitude and desire and you wont go far wrong.

If you’re best friend in football was asked to list your three biggest strengths as a goalkeeper. What would he say? Shot stopping, handling and kicking.

Do you practice mental prep skills as part of your weekly training?
I do yoga most days, there is a mental side involved with that.

What exercises are most beneficial for young keepers to practice?

Technique, technique and more technique!!!

If you were to design your own kit what color style would you choose?
something comfortable and simple, id rather focus on keeping the ball out the net.

Do you have any particular rituals or superstitions before games etc?
Cant tell you those!

Your hopes any goals for the next year?
Keep improving and force my way into the managers plans for years to come.

Thanks Robbie for taking time to answer our questions