Paul Smith: Southend


Selsport: How’s does it feel to be in a final of competition at Wembley for the first time?
Paul Smith: It’s a big achievement to reach Wembley – there’s only a limited number of opportunities to play at Wembley in a season. I’m really looking forward to it!

Selsport: What bit are you most looking forward too?
Paul Smith: Playing in one of the best stadiums in the world!

Selsport: Wembley can hold up to 90,000 supporters; describe the feeling of walking onto the pitch just before kick off with all those supporters? Paul Smith: I think it will be an amazing moment knowing that so many fans have come to support our team and i will be very excited.

Selsport: How do you prepare for a game like this?

Paul Smith: Just the same preparation as for any game really! Work hard with the goalie coach all week and make sure I’m ready for the weekend.

Selsport: What will your week consist off?
Paul Smith: We will try to approach it as a normal week but with the addition of a few extra photos, suit fittings and a quick tour round Wembley!!

Selsport: Do you have any rituals you do before game?
Paul Smith: No, not really!

Selsport: Do you feel you’re the underdogs as you play in league below?
Paul Smith: Maybe but we’ve beaten league one teams on more than one occasion before so we’re confident we can do it again.

Selsport: Who will be coming to watch you?
Paul Smith: All of my family and friends.

Selsport: What will be your pre-match meal?
Paul Smith: Beans on toast.

Selsport: Why did you choose the gloves you did for the final?

Paul Smith: I’ve always worn Wrappa Classics and Selsport have made me some customised ones for the day!

Selsport: Will your team be releasing a song if you win?
Paul Smith: I doubt it – I’m not sure it would make the charts if we did!!