Mark Oxley Interview Part 2













Selsport and Hibernian goalkeeper Mark Oxley has been inundated with interview requests following his scoring debut earlier this month – we were lucky enough to catch up with Mark and ask him a few questions (this is Part 2 of the interview, Part 1 can be found either here)

Selsport: Mark tell all the Selsport fans how you became a goalkeeper?
MO: Typical a big lad when I was younger I got stuck in goal and took to it straight away never looked back played for Rotherham from 9 to 17, then moved to Hull.

Selsport: Is there a typical weeks training?
MO: Usually Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are training days. Game Saturday and then off Wednesday and Sunday result depending haha! sometimes in Sunday if we have midweek game.

Selsport: Whats important for your diet?
MO: Balanced meals 3-4 times a day with veg meat and carbs. Protein shake after training and games.

Selsport: Looking back as a goalkeeper coming through the ranks what did you find tough and what would you suggest to any young goalkeeper in that position to work on?
MO: I’d tell young kids to enjoy it and play with a smile on your face as this will make your performance shine through. Practice as much with both feet as possible kicking and playing out from the back becoming more popular throughout the country.

Selsport: How do you keep yourself motivated as a goalkeeper?
MO: Don’t need motivating, I count myself lucky to be getting paid for something I love to do.

Selsport: Tell us about your gloves and why you choose Selsport
MO: Selsport provide comfort and great grip in all conditions and grip tends to last a lot longer than other gloves used in the past.

Selsport: What the most important of a glove for you?
MO: Important wear a glove that’s not too tight and not to big that fits comfortably and allows full range of hand movement.

Selsport: What have you got your sights on for this season?
MO: To play as many games as possible as well as possible and get Hibs back in the SPL.

Selsport: Can you give us a Mark Oxley top goalkeeping Tip?
MO: Never beat yourself up or get too high after performances/results. Keep the ball out of the net!!

Selsport: What a brilliant debut? first time scoring?
MO: Yes was great to get 3 points first and foremost but unbelievable to get the winning goal. Not often I’ll get to say that.

Selsport: Did you think it was on the cards when it left your foot? Can you believe how much exposure it’s got?
MO: No I was just concentrating on trying to hit our striker and it didn’t seem a bigger kick than normal until it zipped up off the surface and bounced over their keeper. Exposure has been mad on YouTube with all the views still can’t quite believe it. Hoping to use the result & kick on to a successful season

Thanks Mark for taking time to talk to us, good luck with everything?

Mark Oxley will be wear Selsport’s Surround Viper family of gloves for the 2014/15 season.