Glove Cuts


Glove cuts refer to the way in which the goalkeeper glove is constructed and stitched. Each cut has a benefit and choice comes down to personal preference.
Since we launched in 1998, in the UK, the predominant choice of professional and amateur goalkeepers has been roll finger. Negative and flat palm being more popular with other European country keepers.

Recently the trend has been changing and the new Selsport Euro-Flat and negative cuts are proving more popular with UK keepers.
There is certainly no ‘best choice’ and as Selsport use the highest quality latex on every model, it simply comes down to personal preference and how you like your glove to feel.


The Flat Palm cut is a classic, very traditional and a popular glove cut for goalkeeper gloves and has been totally updated by Selsport to produce a contemporary and stylish new version.

The cut is typified by stitching two flat pieces of latex (backhand and palm) together using gussets between the fingers. The result is that the palm side appears very flat and maximises contact with the ball when the fingers and palm are ‘flat’ inside the glove.

The cut is typified by a more loose feel which is the preference of some goalkeepers. The fact there are gussets between the fingers can add to ventilate the hand too and so this glove can feel very ‘airy’, again a preference for some keepers.

Roll Finger

The roll finger glove is one of the most popular cuts for goalkeepers in the UK. Around 75% of keepeepers will wear this type of cut.

This glove is constructed by stitching the palm to the backhand directly without the need for additional separate gussets. As a result, the palm side cut will mean that the latex literally wraps around your fingers, giving quite a snug fit.

The fit allows maximum latex contact with the ball when the fingers do not sit flat/together, as each finger is completely wrapped by latex.

This fit is more ergonomic and many keepers find this cut very comfortable. Again, it is a matter of personal choice.

Negative Cut

Negative cut goalkeeper gloves tend to be the tightest, most snug fit glove cut.

The construction is typified by stitching the palm and backhand, with gussets, on the inside of the glove rather than the normal outside as in both flat and roll finger cuts. The result is that the fingers not only look much thinner when compared to flat and roll finger cuts, this cut is much tighter.

This snug feel has been very popular with our European friends over the years and is steadily becoming more popular in the UK.
You will generally feel the internal stitching at the end of each finger.