Steve Phillips: 600 Not Out


At the weekend Crewe Alexandra and Selsport’s Steve Phillips made his 600th appearance as a professional and earlier in the week Steve was kind enough to take time out and answer a few of our questions.

Steve firstly congratulations on making your 600th game, did you ever think when you made your debut that you would have such a long future ahead of you?

I probably didn’t look that far ahead, but I was sure that if I was given opportunity like the one Bristol City gave me I wouldn’t let it pass me by. It meant hard work from the second I signed til this day, when the close season came around I continued to train while everyone else was on holiday. My first full summer off was 5 years after I first signed pro!!!

You must have had many enjoyable highlights in your career, can you narrow it down to one and for what reason?

I have been very fortunate to be involved in four football league trophy finals, winning two and losing two, three play off finals winning two and losing one. So they obviously spring to mind, the others are playing in Bristol derby’s for both Rovers and City and never losing.

One of the main advantages from a goalkeeper point of view is that you can see everything as it develops. What would you say are the major points in football which have seen the most progression, relating to techniques, products and football in general?

Definitely the footballs and they way strikers can make it swerve and dip, also the pace is of the ball travels through the air.

In relation to the modern game, what would you say are the must have strengths in a goalkeepers ability and what can be practiced to help develop those strengths.

Distribution is a massive part these days its almost like an outfield player playing in goal. There are many different techniques in which to kick the ball in different circumstances, the other is the confidence and bravery to command your box this is down to mental strength and good positioning – all pro level keepers can save the ball pretty well.

Talking gloves, you have worn Selsport’s Wrappa’s and Extreme’s, what do you like about Selsport gloves and could you give a couple of pointers as what keepers should take into consideration when looking for their perfect pair of gloves?

I have worn Selsport gloves for the majority of my career, I find them very comfortable and the grip is always top draw in both the wet and dry which adds confidence in my handling. The service which Selsport has given me over the years has been very professional, just like their gloves.

What’s next on the horizon, can we expect to see you coaching or management?

Well, I’m the Head GK Coach at Crewe Alexandra as well as 1st team goalie. I coach 8s up to my understudy’s so that will my career path when I hang up the gloves for sure.

Thanks for your time and taking to Selsport Steve, is there a final tip that you could give a Selsport goalkeeper?

Yes, Technique is key so work very hard on diving technique handling and footwork as a very young gk this is a great platform to build on then add things into your game like playing high line being bold when ball are in wide areas being on your front foot being commanding and really have that presence and practice distribution all types of kicks, the biggest thing is don’t look back and have any regrets I wont!!!!

Thanks to Steve Phillips for giving his time to talk to us @Selsport about his about his excellent career.

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