Dan Lincoln – Reading F.C. Goalkeeper












This week we were lucky enough to catch up with Selsport and Reading F.C. goalkeeper Dan Lincoln. Dan’s Reading Player profile describes him as “A confident and agile goalkeeper who has been at the Academy since 2003. Has previously spent time out on loan with Oxford United and Met Police.”

Hi Dan thanks for taking time to talk to Selsport;

First of all the minute quiz tell us your preference?

• Favourite Movie = Gladiator
• Ideal Car = Shelby GT500
• Favourite other sport? Cricket
• Favourite holiday destination? Cancun

• Dan can you give us a brief bio of your career to date?

Joined reading at the age of 7 and have worked my way through every age group, received my 2 year scholarship at 16 and am now in with the first team as a second year Pro.

• How are thing progressing at Reading?

Really well, I’ve started the season strong and things have fallen into place nicely and am now 3rd choice. The manager hear loves young players and really feel I have a chance of playing hear in the near future.

• What can we expect from Reading this year?

We’re a really young side this year with a lot of desire and flair mixed with some very good experience players. We’ve got a tight knit squad and the sky’s the limit, really we’ve gotta be looking to be in and around the play offs come the end of the season.

• What are you aims for the future?

Every young kids dreams to play for there country and mines no different. I also want to play through out Europe and experiences the leagues, different styles of football and fans.

• Is there a typical weeks training?

There’s never a typical week being a footballer some weeks you’ll have 3 days off other times you won’t have a day off for 2 weeks. It really is 24/7 stuff.

• Whats important for your diet?

Diets crucial not only to stay in good shape but you also have to stay healthy and flu free, once you get into a good routine it becomes second nature to eat well. Simple really.

• Looking back as a goalkeeper coming through the ranks what did you find tough and what would you suggest to any young goalkeeper in that position to work on?

Most frustrating thing as a young keeper is goal kicks. Wondering if you’ll ever get it off the floor or if you’ll hit the half way line, It’s patience. Don’t try knock the skin off it just work on your timing. When you grow and your big enough you’ll be able to boom the length of the pitch with no worries.

• How do you keep yourself motivated as a goalkeeper?

I see the players running and really don’t fancy any of that (haha) – No I really enjoy the limelight that keepers are cast into, there one mistake away from club/national villain or one moment away from greatness. Either way we’re moments away from the headlines. I love the pressure.

• Tell us about your gloves and why you choose Selsport?

Easy!! They feel good, there durable and they look great!!!

• What the most important of a glove for you?


• What have you got your sights on for this season?

Hopefully making my debut for Reading.

• Can you give us a Dan Lincoln top goalkeeping tip?

Goalkeepers are the most important player on the pitch!! There’s only 1 of us and we’re the only ones crazy enough to do it. Don’t let pesky players tell you otherwise

A very insightful & in-depth interview, certainly one of the best we have done. Dan, thank you very much and good luck for the season – we all look forward to seeing you in between the sticks for Reading very soon.