ALDERSHOT: Glenn Morris


Hi Glenn thanks for taking time to talk to Selsport;

First of all the minute quiz tell us your preference?

• X-Factor or Strictly = X Factor
• Favourite Movie = Last of the Mohicans
• Ideal Car = M3
• Cheryl Cole or Nicole Scherzinger = Nicole Scherzinger
• Favourite other sport? Cricket

How are things going at Aldershot?
Things are going reasonably well, we started with -10 points and we are currently two points off relegation. So we’ve got to be happy with that.

Who’s you goalkeeping hero and why?
Erik Thorstvedt, I supported Tottenham when I was younger and he was the goalkeeper at the time.

What’s your favourite stadium you have played in?
Millennium Stadium

How did you become a goalkeeper?
I’ve always been in goal, I have two older brothers, they used to put me in goal and it stuck!

Is there a typical weeks training?
If there is no mid-week game, Monday and Tuesday would be strength, power and fitness sessions. Then Wednesday off, Thursday – sharp footwork and reaction work and then Friday would be a technical session, lots of handling etc

Whats important for your diet?
Protein and Carbs, recovery is important.

Looking back as a goalkeeper coming through the ranks what did you find tough and what would you suggest to any young goalkeeper in that position to work on?
When I was younger I found decision-making and concentration hard work but with age and experience it’s become easier. For any young goalkeeper, I would suggest to work hard on every aspect of goalkeeping and to take every piece of advice given on board. Also, to learn from your mistakes so they don’t happen again.

How do you keep yourself motivated as a goalkeeper?
Not letting in any goals is my motivation.

Tell us about your gloves and why you choose Selsport.
I wear the Wrappa Classics, I’ve been wearing these for most of my career. I love the feel and grip they give.

What have you got your sights on for this season?
To play the rest of the games, stay injury free, stay up and get to the FA Trophy final.

Can you give us a Glenn Morris top goalkeeping TIP?
I would say to any young goalkeeper, although it’s fashionable to be a sweeper keeper remember not to give your goal up to easy. I hate seeing forwards scoring in an empty goal.

Thanks Glenn for taking time to talk to us, good luck with everything?